Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here are the comments that got me banned the second time.

Obama Reports 2007 Income: Made $4.2 Million In 2007
And yet less than what the Clintons gave...the bastards.
--posted 04/16/2008 at 19:44:45


Were you as happy for Bill and Hill? I think probably not.
--posted 04/16/2008 at 19:43:14


Pandu das said...

Shortly after I got banned all of my recently submitted comments were approved. Apparently one moderator thought they were offensive but another saw them as valid points of discussion.

Before getting banned I had posted at least several hundred comments, with about 20% being rejected. Basically I was commenting on their articles from a Hare Krishna point of view, which apparently is a little hard for ordinary people to understand.

FrustratedDemInNH said...

The question, of course is why they would be banned in the first place? If people weren't interested, they didn't have to read them. Unless you were being vulgar or downright hateful, what right do they have to silence your opinion? I think, none. And my experience over there is that they frequently censor and ban comments they just don't like.

It's the case of little people having a little bit of power.

By the way, as far as I know, you are the first person to find me and comment here. Thanks! I hope others will join in the dialog.

Pandu das said...

Well, there are so many rude and vulgar comments that they publish every day, so it's not about that. They are trying to perpetrate a fraud, to manipulate people. Just like in an election, if the media gives the perception is that it is popular to think a certain way, people see that and tend to vote that way. So it is an attempt to influence people by subtle deception.

The comments that I've had to rewrite to pass the censor were usually the kind that would be checkmate in chess. They were not crude by any means; they were conclusive arguments, or ones with the potential to pop their bubble.

For example, non-religious people seem helpless to understand why anyone would be opposed to contraceptives especially if they are also opposed to abortion. I have tried many times answer this question for them, as the Vedas clearly explain the value and importance of self-restraint especially with regard to sex, but these comments were blocked so many times that I finally gave up. Then it would appear from the comments that there is no sane objection to birth control. They all get to tell each other how stupid the religious people are and that way feel pleased with themselves.

It is a sad fact that so many people are generally not interested in truth; they want sense gratification and will concoct any foolish philosophy to get it. If you flatter them with nonsense, they will think you are very nice, but if you say some true thing that contradicts them and they have no good response, you just have to hope the moderator fails to notice. Such cheating is typical, but especially irritating when they put up a good facade.

Actually getting banned there was a nice favor making it obvious that I have much better things to do. Like chanting Hare Krishna. 8^)

FrustratedDemInNH said...

Thank you for your input. Please feel free to come back any time. BTW, how was it you happened to trip over this site?

Thanks, again. :)

Pandu das said...

By invitation. You visited my blog first. 8^)